Episode 1: The Manifesto

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Transcript of Audio:

Hello everyone.  My name is Amanda.  This is Three Deviations Out.  The term comes from statistics, where it is used to track outliers and generally discard them to create a more normalized sample set.  Normalized sample sets drive good, economic decision making.  Here I plan to explore those outliers, what makes them so fascinating, and what their impact on the world is.  Because while the majority drive global trends, the outliers cause revolutions.

On Three Deviations Out you will mostly find technology, because like it or not it is ingrained in nearly everything we humans do these days.  The focus will sometimes be on the tech and sometimes be on how the tech is allowing for socioeconomic change.  However, as the proprietor of this establishment I I maintain full rights to talk about absolutely anything I want.  My mom says I’m fairly cool and interesting so hopefully I don’t disappoint.  If I do, feel free to let me know in the comments below.  I am also open to suggestions for topics you see as outliers, and may or may not end up exploring them here.  I hope my lack of commitment doesn’t drive you away.

Most of these posts are going to be podcast style with transcripts, as is here, but I will also be posting infographics, data graphs, and videos of my dog explaining quantum mechanics.

On a last note, my opinions are my own and should not be taken as financial, technological, or any other kind of advice.  I am a specialist of nothing.

Next week we will be talking about blockchain technology: how it came about, what the tech behind it is, and how it can impact our institutions.

All the Best,