Three Deviations Out

Hello.  My name is Amanda, welcome to Three Deviations Out.  The term comes from statistics and is generally used to cull outliers from the herd.  Here we instead will be digging into those outliers, finding out what makes them tick, and seeing how they can change the world.  Remember, the majority create trends but outliers create revolutions.

Opinion 3: When Everyone’s a Consultant

Working for yourself is a dream for a wide swath of people, and with the proliferation of automation and internet that dream is closer than ever.

Opinion 2: Being Agile in a Stuck Team

Agile Development proliferates the software development world but has yet to work its way strongly into the LOB environment.

Opinion 1: Fuzzy Parts of Automation

Automation, AI and Robotics may be obliterating some professions but will create rolls to bridge the gap between man and machine.

Episode 8: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

During the 1900’s people dreamt of flying cars that drove you themselves and talked to you during your trip.  We are finally getting close to that reality.  Tune in to hear all about the autonomous vehicle movement sweeping the globe.

Episode 7: Education Cleavage

The United States education system is in the process of being upended by technology and the needs of the workforce.  Particularly as the melding of STEM and liberal skills becomes more desired, how can we change how we educate our masses to better serve our society as a whole?

Episode 6: The Distributed Internet

The Internet is an integral part of a lot of our lives.  Especially if you’re here on my website.  But with issues like trolls and corporate consolidation it’s just not living up to the idealist expectations I have of it.  So let’s build a new one.  The distributed Internet now sits in its infancy but continues to grow and spread, creating solutions to the very internet we use on a daily basis today.

Episode 5: Data Storage Revolution

Data is constantly pinging around the world, growing more and more dense.  Storing that data has proven challenging in the last few years and there are a number of teams of researchers taking dramatic and innovative steps toward more effective and efficient data storage.  Let’s jump back into the fascinating world of hard tech.

Episode 4: Millennials and Tech

A generation of change, us millennials obsess over new tech, social media posts, and our dogs.  This week I get into just how different we are from generations that came before us because we grew up during widespread penetration of the Internet and our constant access to information.

Episode 3: Quantum Computing

Quantum is hiring, and we all know that is the universal sign an industry is doing well.  Just this week D-Wave brought on Dr. Alan Baratz as SVP of Software and Applications, Rigetti Computing has 23 open positions listed on their website, and the newly formed Silicon Quantum Computing is bringing on up to 40 new hires starting immediately.  That’s pretty impressive for an industry that was thought to be only theory even just a year ago.  Listen to learn all about this exciting tech full of weird properties and amazing applications.

Episode 2: Blockchain

There’s been a lot of chatter about blockchain in the last few months, especially with the unprecedented rise of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and NEO.  But blockchain is a lot more than just a new kind of money.  Today on Three Deviations Out we’re exploring what blockchain is, what it has accomplished already, and where it could be going.  Enjoy!

Episode 1: The Manifesto

I’ll start out by introducing you to what I’m planning to do here on Three Deviations Out.  It’s short sweet and to the point, so don’t worry about having to listen to me blather on about methodology for too long.  Next week we’ll get into actual content, discussing blockchain and all the things that come along with it.

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